How to Save on Diapers

Considering what diapers are designed to do, the cost is not only exasperating but a major investment for parents. What becomes frustrating is it is an investment that is eventually thrown away.

While parents with time and energy, and inclination, opt for cloth diapers, most busy parents simply do not have the time to take care of laundering the sheer amount of soiled diapers a new baby produces. Luckily, there are many ways to stretch your diaper dollars. Most of the ideas below are simple to implement.

With a little thought, planning and flexibility it is possible to save a great deal of money on your monthly diaper bill.

Combining the following tips leads to greater savings and are techniques you can implement with other often used products around the house.

Many considerations must be weighed when you have a baby, and include many must-have items, diapers included. The financial drain often shocks new parents and adds to the already stressful event of raising a newborn.

The following tips can help you keep the diaper madness contained, and while it will not help you get more sleep, it can help keep your wallet from wailing.

Tip #1: Switch Sizes Slowly

Most new parents upgrade diaper size too soon. Why does this matter? Larger diapers take up more space in the packaging, so you get less diaper for your dollars. A great way to know if you are using the proper size is to look on the package.

Most have a suggested weight chart, but many children can wear diapers a few pounds beyond their suggested weight. An indicator is whether the diaper still fits well and does not leak. Once a diaper starts to have leaks, it is time to go to the next larger size.

Tip #2: Become a Coupon Clipper

Most coupons are rendered digitally making this tip even easier to accomplish. Most diaper manufacturers offer coupons for at least a dollar off your purchase. Save those coupons until there is a sale on the diapers, then combine the coupon with the sales price for greater savings.

Often there is a combined discount for diapers and wipes. For coupons go to the manufacturers main site. While couponing is effect, make sure you check with your store to see which coupons are compatible with one another.

Tip #3: Embrace Your Inner Hoarder

Train your eye, and your significant other’s eye, to spot diapers on sale. Even if you have not yet run out you know you will.

If your budget allows it, buy additional packages while they are on sale. Waiting to buy diapers only when you need them is a surefire way to pay full retail for them.

Once you have a sizeable stockpile, if diapers are not on sale one week, you can now afford to wait. This way you never have to purchase diapers at full price again.

Tip #4: Make Sure You are Diapering Correctly

Many new parents run through diapers more quickly than they should because they are inexperienced at putting on the diapers.

Take the time to get it right because failing to put it on correct results in leaks. Notice where your child’s leaks tend to occur and adjust your technique accordingly.

Tip #5: Do Not be Brand Dependent

The key to saving with diapers is to buy the brand that is on sale. This means you must be flexible when it comes to purchasing diapers. Sometimes the only diapers on sale are the generic store brand, so buy those.

As long as your child does not have an allergy to any particular diaper, considering its overall function and the fact you will be throwing it away, brand loyalty is a wallet buster. The good thing about store brands is some stores have a money back guarantee if you use them and do not like them.

Tip #6: Read the Unit Price

Math becomes important when it comes to diapers. Instead of looking at the overall price, look at the unit price, or the cost per each diaper. The way you do this is to divide the overall cost of the total package by how many diapers are in the bag.

For example, if a pack of diapers is listed for $9.59 and there are 40 diapers in the pack, the unit price is around 24 cents a diaper. Compare that to other diapers and purchase the one with the lower price per unit.

Tip #7: Buy Bulk Diapers

Many shops offer diapers in bulk. Compare the unit price when trying to determine whether buying in bulk is a great deal or not. Once you find a good deal load up if you budget allows.

Many stores also offer free shipping or discounts when you purchase in bulk.

Tip #8: Baby Shower Suggestions

Of course, everyone wants to buy you booties for the baby, but a more practical gift is diapers of varying sizes. Cute diaper “cakes” can be made from the various sizes.

If this is your second child, then chances are you already have the cute baby things you need. However, diapers are a commodity you can always use more.

Tip #9: Baby Rewards Programs

Join as many diaper rewards programs as you can because often the rewards include coupons and discounts.

Some rewards programs allow you to accumulate points that are redeemable for free items. Most leading brand diaper companies offer a type of reward program or club.

Check online to see if you can sign up for one of these programs if they are not available through your local stores.

Tip #10: Social Media

Save on diapers by reaching out through social media to other parents who may have children a little older than yours. See if they have leftover diapers they no longer need. When a child switches up to a larger size often there are packages taking up space in the baby’s closet.

Most are very willing to pass them along to someone who can use them. Additionally, increase your reach by having everyone look out for sales on diapers in their area. If they do not live far from you or are willing to pick up a few packages for you if you send them the money, it is well worth it.

Often diapers go on sale in other parts of the country before going on sale in your area.