Learn to Access your Funds Days Sooner With Direct Deposit

The majority of Americans are enrolled in direct deposit at their jobs. This is primarily due to the employee and employer satisfaction that it provides.

Employees do not have to wait in line to deposit their checks and companies can save money by reducing the time spent on preparing payroll.

Additionally, government benefits, such as SNAP, Social Security Benefits and TANF, are no longer distributed through paper checks. The U.S. Treasury requires that federal benefit payments are made electronically through direct deposits.

If you are wondering what direct deposit is, it is an electronic payment distributed directly to your bank or credit union account. It is a convenient option for receiving your benefits quickly.

Not to mention, you can access your funds at ease during any time of the day. The process to set up direct deposit is simple and requires a few important documents.

Learn About Direct Deposit Benefits

There are many advantages to enrolling in direct deposit. These benefits can help you achieve financial stability and ultimately financial success. Once you set up your direct deposit, you will receive your Social Security benefits and other benefits on the same day every month. Knowing when to expect your payments can help you manage your finances and maintain a healthy budget.

Direct deposit allows you to divide your earnings between a checking and savings account. You will be able to choose which accounts you want your earnings to be distributed to and how much you would like to save each month. If you are saving for a down payment on a mortgage, you can limit funds to one account where you can easily track your savings.

Online banking allows you to monitor your spending and see how fast your money disappears from the time it is deposited into your account. You can see the exact date and time you make a charge and every time you make a withdrawal.

Having your earnings directly sent to your debit card rather than using cash can prevent you from overspending. Furthermore, having direct deposit can help you secure your finances and protect you from fraud.

You do not have to worry about your check being delayed or lost in the mail. If you are out of town on payday, you can ensure that your money is received on time. You do not have to wait in line at the bank or days for your check to process into your account.

If a holiday falls on a payday, it will not stop you from getting paid. Payments typically post early before holiday weekends. Alternatively, if you receive a paper check, you will not be able to deposit your check as banks are typically closed on holidays.

How to Save Money and Receive Rewards With Direct Deposit

Most banks and companies offer incentives for setting up direct deposits. You can receive monthly rewards from your bank, such as cash back when shopping at particular stores or coupons for certain products.

Furthermore, you can eliminate or reduce monthly banking fees. Most banks charge processing costs when depositing money. Many institutions agree to waive these costs if you enroll in direct deposit. Banks can also eliminate other fees, such as minimum balance fees.

Additionally, banks offer rewards points and cash bonuses if you agree to enroll in direct deposit. Other companies, like Progressive auto insurance, also offer discounts.

Learn About Direct Deposit for Bills

Through direct deposit, you can ensure that your bills are paid on time. Simply set up your bills to be automatically withdrawn from your account. This can help you avoid missing payments and having to pay late fees that can ultimately damage your credit score.

You can typically choose which days you would like your money to be withdrawn from your account so that it correlates with your pay day. Keeping a calendar of when your bills will be deducted from your account can help you anticipate the reduction of funds.

You can also set up direct deposit so that all of your bills are paid on the same day to avoid over-drafting. It is advised that you set up automatic payments a few days after your pay period. This way, you are not blindsided by automatic payments that appear later on in the month.

About Government Benefits and Direct Deposit

Federal law requires that you receive your government benefits via direct deposit. If you receive unemployment compensation, you will typically receive your benefits bi-weekly or monthly on the same recurring day.

The same applies to government programs, such as Social Security benefits or veteran benefits. Not only can you anticipate when you will receive your benefits, but you will be able to easily track your benefits online. If there are any discrepancies, such as an underpayment or overpayment, you can easily track and resolve these issues immediately until they worsen.

To set up direct deposit, have your benefit agency assist you. There are also other alternatives you can choose to obtain your Social Security benefits and other benefits, such as an electronic benefits transfer card typically used for food stamp benefits.

How to Set Up Direct Deposit

The process of setting up direct deposit is quick and easy. If you are enrolling in direct deposit with your bank, you can do so online with your payroll service provider or the organization that is paying you. Your bank or your employer may be able to assist you with the process. To complete the process you will need your bank account number and routing number.

You may need a voided check or a direct deposit form. When enrolling in direct deposit, you will need to provide your bank’s name and address, as well as the names of the account holders listed on the account.

You will also need to identify the type of account that will be receiving the direct deposit. This is typically a checking account but can also be a savings account. Once you establish your direct deposit, it may take a few weeks for it to process.

Until then, you may continue to receive a paper check from your employer. You may also be able to set up a direct deposit when you apply for Social Security benefits and input your bank information to receive your benefits directly.